By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

During An LSD Trip She Drew 11 Self-Portraits, The Results Are Mind-Bendingly Weird.

Sometimes, inspiration to make art comes from within: It's simply a desire to create that is fueled by your emotions and soul. Other times, inspiration comes from external factors: Your environment, your colleagues, or a healthy dose of LSD.

Though we don't condone illegal drug use, it's interesting to see what one artist created when she took LSD. She started by drawing a self-portrait completely sober, then took the hit of hallucinogenic. The resulting self-portraits are certainly inspired - if not a little spooky.

This is her first drawing, taken before any LSD effects kicked in.

After 45 minutes, the artist's perception of her hair had changed.

One hour and 45 minutes in, she still thought her hair was growing.

After two hours and 15 minutes, she added some colors and new angles to her face.

After about three hours, she stopped drawing her eyes.

Then, her entire color palette changed.

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