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She Decapitated A Troll Doll, What She Did With It… I Can’t Wait To Try.

Remember the small and mystical looking troll dolls we grew up playing with? Outside of their frizzy mop of hair and big permanent smiles, they have their place in pop culture. These elfin toys are getting a botanical makeover. The dolls make the perfect mini-pot for succulent plants. No need to worry if you did not keep these childhood favorites around; flea markets are a great place to find them.

This DIY planter requires minimal materials. Spring may still be quite a few weeks away, but that is no reason to not start working on your green plants, particularly because you can have these indoor or outdoors.

You can find troll dolls at flea markets or yard sales.

Pull the fuzzy hair off.

Clean out the inside of the troll's head.

Fill the top with pea-sized rocks.

Insert succulent plants like aloe or cacti.

Make as many planters as you want with varying sizes.

A tribe of troll dolls.

These are the cutest planters that can live indoors or outdoors.

These are the cutest planters that can live indoors or outdoors.

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These planters can wear clothes.

Don't stick to one plant; make a fun arrangement.

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Source: Charter House Interiors