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27 Funny Photos That Prove Trolling Is The Highest Form Of Humor.

The term "troll" originally derived from people who would enter online forums with unwelcome and offensive comments. Such comments usually made fun of whatever topic was being discussed in the forum. The term was used as both a noun and a verb as a person could either be a troll or be in the act of trolling.

Nowadays, trolling has become a literal activity that we do in real life. Instead of making fun of something online, these trolls make fun of something in person.

Everyone has one in their life, whether it's an actual friend in your close circle, the obnoxious coworker you avoid every day, or even someone in your family. For all we know, you may be a troll yourself.

And although some people may find trolling incredibly annoying, we find it hilarious. Check out our collection below of some of the best trolls in action.

#1. Be careful what you wish for.

Be careful what you wish for.

#2. A vintage yearbook troll.

#3. Mashed potatoes and meatloaf disguised as cupcakes.

#4. Sweet troll revenge.

#5. It's real if you believe.

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