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18 Kids Who Embarrassed Their Parents In The Most Hilarious Way Possible.

One of the best things about being a parent is never being bored. Children do the funniest, quirkiest, and the most horrifying things. It is hard to imagine that such young and innocent minds come up with the crazy things they do. The one guarantee about motherhood or fatherhood is there will never be a dull moment.

Recently Reddit asked parents to share the craziest thing they have caught their kids doing. From the entries, we have chosen the top 18 stories of children doing what they do best, driving their parents crazy. It couldn’t be a funnier read. At least these are not our kids, well, hopefully not!


"This is tame by comparison to other stories here, but here it is. When my son was about a year old, I found him stuffing his pants pockets full of Vaseline, scooping it out with his hands. Really makes me wonder why little kids' clothes even have pockets." - User philosofik


"My 4-year-old daughter used to stash steak knives in strategic locations around the house. My neighbor busted her doing it. I didn't believe him until he pulled out a 6" carving knife from behind a bookcase. "user DunwoodysMostWanted


"Not a parent, but I've caught my younger brother, ages 3-5 at the time, on a stepping stool pissing in the air unit." - user FadedAsAHabit


"My son was 5 and had started playing Skyrim on the Xbox 360. One afternoon, the neighbor called and asked if I could watch her son, also 5, for a few hours.

They played with swords, shields, nerf guns. Typical boy games. At one point I stopped hearing them. That's always a dangerous thing with any child. You know something is going down.

I opened the door very quietly and saw them on the floor. My son was now wearing his friends shirt and pants, and the other boy was down to only his underwear.

My first thought was "what the fuck", but my son looked up at me with a sword in his hand and said "we are playing Skyrim and I just killed him, so I am taking his stuff."

All I could say was "okay, but let's try to keep all of our clothes on from now on." - user Invalid___User_Name


"Sent the boys to bed with popcorn for a fun treat. Hear manical laughter shortly thereafter. Go upstairs to find one of them sticking popcorn betwist his cheeks, and farting so it came out. Asked what was going on, both boys in a panic tried to eat evidence, as mother and I watched horrified." - user Xero23


"My friend is a third grade teacher. He came to school one morning after having been out sick for a day and found that his classroom only had girls. Turns out all of the boys had been suspended the day before for teabagging each other during recess." - user iamagoldfishking

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