By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This 6 Year-Old Boy Found The Perfect Way To Help His Friend Fight Cancer.

Everyone should have a best friend like Vincent Butterfield. When his friend Zac Gossage was diagnosed with leukemia last year, six-year-old Vincent wanted to make he would be there for his friend’s road to recovery.

Vincent had his mom knit scarves and sold them for $20 each. He then gave the $200 he made to Zac to help cover the cost of his expensive treatments. Even when Zac started losing his hair to chemo therapy treatment, Vincent wasted no time in shaving his own hair off.

“I cut it off to make Zac feel like he is not the only one without hair,” said the first grade student.

Fortunately, Zac rarely misses school during treatment in part because he gets to “play with Vincent outside at recess.”

Vincent and Zac have been best friends since kindergarten; based solely on their remarkable loyalty to each other, they will be buddies for life.

Source: WTNH News8