By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

21 Deep Thoughts That Are Guaranteed To Make You Sound Really Interesting.

When most people are caught daydreaming and asked "What're you thinking about?" they normally answer with the standard, "nothing." 99% of the time, that's actually not true. In fact, it's incredibly difficult to clear your mind of all thoughts entirely. In actuality, when people say they are thinking about nothing, they're actually thinking about the more mundane aspects of life: The bills they have to pay, the meals they have to cook, or the dates they have to remember.

But what if you could occupy your daydreaming mind with something a little more interesting?

Here, we've found 21 thoughts that are much more compelling than the average, and they're the kind of thoughts that you can contemplate for at least an hour. In other words, bookmark this list and take it along with you the next time you're going to be waiting in line. Your brain will thank us later.



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