By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Donald Trump In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Exactly What You’ve Been Missing.

Game of Thrones fans all know how terrible things can get in the seven kingdoms. In fact, things are so dark sometimes that it's almost hard to watch the show: You walk away from an episode very, very glad that you don't live in Westeros.

Coincidentally, the same can be said Donald Trump's vision for America: Many of us can't look away, but the prospect of him being in charge seems pretty extreme and grim.

Enter the most perfectly well-suited mashup in history: Donald Trump as a character in Game of Thrones. Armed with Valyrian steel and ready to make Westeros great again, Trump negotiates his way through this montage as well as a Lannister or Baratheon. Prepare yourselves, world: Winter is Trumping.

Source: huw parkinson