This Dog Doing A ‘Trust Fall’ With His Owner Is Basically The Cutest Thing Ever.

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Having a relationship built on trust takes time. It’s not easy giving someone your total and absolute confidence even if you have a strong bond. And the obvious question arises, how do you prove to a friend or family member that you trust them?

One game is the trust fall, where one person lets themselves fall back, hoping and expecting the person behind them will catch him or her. Some folks may say they have total faith in you but they are not willing to take part in such a ridiculous exercise.

There is one example of the best “trust fall” exercise. It doesn’t involve two people but rather one human and a canine. Watson is a loveable Golden Retriever who loves to give cuddles, pose for the camera, and show just how much he believes his human will catch him whenever he needs him. Talk about having total confidence in someone.

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