Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

28 “Badass” T-Shirts People Wore In Public

Ah, people. They’re famous for being opinionated and often out of touch with reality. But let’s face it, there are some folks who are totally woke. Instead of telling you what’s on their minds directly, they tell you with words written on their ultra "badass" t-shirts. Now some people might not take kindly to some of these messages. They may even find themselves shocked and appalled. But you have to give these t-shirt wearers credit for having the guts to wear these in public.

#1. These guys with their shirts, Fedora hats, and cargo pants are probably going to be major chick magnets.

NOT! These are the kind of men that every father dreads their daughters will meet. Fortunately, their shirts will act like a major repellent against women. At least they will always have each other to make their sardine sandwiches.

#2. Oh, well, we’re sure that the guy downstairs is probably shaking in his boots or laughing his horns off.

He probably expects to see literal goosebumps forming on people’s arms when they read what’s on his shirt. But despite the whole tough macho vibe, he’s probably the type that goes around, yelling at people on the road.

#3. He might seem like a regular pastor who’s off-duty, but this guy thinks he’s some sort of superhero.

The back of his shirt shows pride in his work. Maybe he’s a youth pastor who has figured out that the best way to get kids to join the congregation is to sound like he’s an evil stomping ninja with a fedora.

#4. The lesson here is that if you know an Italian you will definitely want to stay on their good side.

If you cross them, they’ll go all Vito Corleone or Tony Soprano and call their family/henchmen to fix the problem, which in this case would be you. So play nice, or else you’ll wind up like labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa.

#5. No one will ever show up to this guy’s house whenever his wife plans a neighborhood get-together.

She’s probably a real sweetheart and also sort of courteous to us. Who else would open a door for you and personally escort you with a smile on her face? But you better dress lightly because she’ll be sending you somewhere very warm.

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