By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Polish Have Invented A Bizarre New Sport… And I HAVE To Try It.

You know all about tug-of-war, the two-team rope pulling game that is a test of upper arm strength and willpower. You may have even heard about competitive canoeing, one of the more extreme activities that can be done in a sleepy river. However, this is probably the first time you've heard about canoe tug-of-war, and you have the illustrious country of Poland to thank.

There's not much about this intense new sport online, but what we know is this: The sport has the same basic concept of tug-of-war, only instead of a rope, the players try to manipulate one large canoe. The members of each team use insane arm and core strength to make barely perceptible paddle motions, in an attempt to push the canoe to the other side of the line.

Check out the video below - your biceps will start to burn just from watching.

Source: mate bersena