By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

200 Feet In The Air, This Drone Captures An Unsuspecting SUNBATHER... Who Seems To Know What He's Doing.

Summer is a great time to play hooky from work and head to the beach, but it can be a bummer when you have to fight other sunbathers for space on the sand. If you're as intrepid as this man, you'll find a new, more private way to catch some rays: By climbing to the top of a wind turbine.

The mystery man's genius plan was discovered by Kevin Miller, who was flying a drone 200 feet in the air when he caught the sunbather on camera. The identity of the man is unknown, and there's also no real explanation of how he got up there. What we do know is that the drone woke him up - but didn't scare him enough to leave. In other words, this man is truly committed to getting an epic tan.

This drone captured a rare event in the ocean.

Source: News Time