Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

Teacup Chihuahua Born Without Front Legs Gets Around On A New Set Of Wheels.

TurboRoo the teacup chihuahua was born without front legs, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting around. The tiny pup was given up by his breeder, and then adopted by a vet technician Ashley Looper. Ashley used toy parts to build him a cart so TurboRoo wouldn’t have to hop around on his hind legs.

When Ashley started an fundraiser online to raise money for a more permanent solution for TurboRoo, the photos of the adorable puppy went viral and donations came pouring in. Mark Dewrick, president of 3dyn, offered to design some wheels for TurboRoo free of charge. Dewrick used 3D printing to construct a cart which was attached to skateboard wheels. As he grows, the cart will be modified to fit him. For now, the fit is perfect and TurboRoo is enjoying his new wheels.

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