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This Mall Is Doing The Nicest Thing For Homeless Dogs During Winter.

When you watch or read the news every day it’s very easy to forget that there are actually a lot of good people in the world. The news is filled with drama, murder, and plenty of other criminal activity that has been committed locally or around the world. It’s only once in awhile that someone does something nice for someone else and it makes the news. It’s a sad fact but that’s the way things are in the world we live in today.

Recently one of those good stories made the news and it’s a great story of selfless people who gave their time, and building, to help homeless dogs. A winter storm hit Turkey and the temperatures outside were freezing. The Bakirkoy area has a lot of homeless dogs and some local people decided to give them a hand so they wouldn’t have to spend the night out in the freezing temperatures.

Some workers at the Atrium Mall opened their doors so the dogs could come in and spend the night in warmth. Volunteers brought plenty of food and blankets and cared for the pooches all night. You can see by the photos that the dogs were very appreciative of the gesture and they enjoyed being inside of a warm building.

A local mall in the Bakirkoy area, the Artrium Mall, opened its doors at night so all of the homeless dogs in the area the area could spend the night in warmth.

The dogs were very thankful for the warm bed and they each had their own little area.

Many volunteers showed up to feed and care for the pooches. They made sure they went to sleep warm and full.

Others brought blankets to wrap the dogs up in. This guy was very appreciative.

One of the volunteers said, “All of us, if we can help as much as we can, all the stray animals will be in good shape and the street animals need help all over the world.”

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