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The Top 10 Turn-Ons For Women… #3 Is Basically Female Kryptonite.

When it comes to attraction, we all have affinities towards different things. For example, some women may be turned on by accents while others may be attracted to only tall men. These are characteristics that a man can't really change about himself, but don't give up hope just yet.

Fortunately, women are often surprised to find themselves falling for men who don't fit their initial, sometimes impossible, requirements because they discover that there are other qualities that have more of a lasting effect on them.

When you are turned by someone, it is a physical experience. But it can also be emotional and intellectual, or a combination. Ever met a woman who fell for their professor? Chances are it wasn't because of their good looks. It was more likely because of their knowledge and passion, which can be extremely sexy.

Take a look at this list of turn-ons and let us know which ones are most important to you. If you'd like, let us know about some unique ones you might have!

Give us something to laugh about.

A sense of humor can be very sexy. It allows you both to practice playfulness and associate the bond with positive, easygoing vibes, not difficult ones.

That doesn't mean to offer up a joke whenever possible, so determine whether or not the moment is appropriate. Share a funny story and be a good sport when she pokes fun at you.

Give us something to laugh about.


Be an active listener.

Some people don't really listen and are only waiting for their turn to talk. Don't be that guy. Women want to know that what they're saying matters, and if you're dating her, then it should very well matter. Ask her thoughtful questions and don't run her over with your own thoughts. You may come off as cocky if you do.

Play with our hair.

This one may not apply to all women, so make sure to observe her reactions before yanking away. Some woman have commented that it feels very intimate when a man plays with her hair while others said it was playful and flirty.

Practice kissing.

We won't mean that you should practice on other people or orchestrate the perfect kiss, if there is such a thing. What we mean is that you should be more aware of the details.

Make sure your lips aren't chapped and that you're giving us breathing room. Move your hands to places that we like to be touched. If you're not sure, ask us. If you've just finished eating, wash your mouth or pop a mint.

Practice kissing.

Becoming Jane

Be intentional.

Not all guys can carry themselves with the same loud confidence, but that's something that you can work through. It starts with intentionality. You can show your confidence in quiet ways, if that's your style, just as long as you're communicative.

Be intentional.

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