By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Bought Turtles From A Food Market, What He Did Next… THANK YOU.

There are only seven species of sea turtle in the world today, and nearly all of those species are endangered. Despite that fact, marine turtle fishing isn't illegal in most areas, and in some parts of the world, sea turtles are even sold as meat.

Kept at a market in Papua New Guinea, two massive and magnificent sea turtles were being sold, intended to make someone a meal. Arron Culling and his co-worker were the ones to buy them -- but instead of cooking them, they did something pretty amazing.

“Found these at the local market,” Culling wrote on Facebook on Friday. “Got them for 50 bucks drove 5km up the road and let them go.”

Culling and his coworker have done this before -- in fact, they've already rescued about 10 turtles.

This guy might not realize it, but today was his lucky day.

Moments like these make us hope that Culling and his co-worker keep fighting the good fight.

Next, photos of rare albino sea turtles.

Source: Arron Culling