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This Airport Terminal Is A Time Capsule From The 1960’s. The Photo Are Achingly Glamorous.

Flying in 2015 might feel like taking a trip through the seventh circle of hell - the one that's 30,000 feet in the air - but it wasn't always that way. Before the days of tiny airline seats, questionable food, and overcrowded terminals, airports and flying were a thing of glamour.

Not everyone could fly, and if you could, it mean that you were in for a luxurious travel experience. John F. Kennedy Airport's TWA Flight Center is the last remaining view of what it was like to travel in the sixties, when taking airplanes was a huge event. The building was designed in 1962, and has been preserved as a time capsule. Now, on the precipice of it's redevelopment, one photographer wanted to preserve this time capsule forever.

Lori Walters heard that the iconic terminal was going to be redeveloped into a hotel, so she took it upon herself to go there and photograph it one last time.

Walters is a historian and researcher, and she uses a special kind of scanning technology to scan three dimensional images of the sites she visits. One day, she hopes to turn her images of the preserved terminal into an interactive learning experience.

Here's a look at the equipment Walters used to capture the location.

The TWA Flight Center represents an important part of American history.

The 60's were the first time that flying became accessible to people who weren't wealthy. This terminal was built in response to that trend.

Of course, that doesn't mean flying wasn't a treat: Most people still dressed up to fly, and were given luxury treatment.

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