By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Bum-Jewel Adds A Little Sparkle To Your Cat’s (Ever Present) Back Door.

If your cat has ever turns its rear end towards you while holding its tail up in the air, you know that the resulting image can be rather...unsightly. In fact, some felt so disturbed by that image that they decided to come up with a hilarious solution.

Introducing: The Twinkle Tush.

According to the website for Twinkle Tush, you hang the blue jewel around the base of your cat’s tail and it’s just long enough to cover the butt. It also says it's a "gag gift," but no one seems to know if these things are actually available for sale.

So what do you think: Could your cat use a Twinkle Tush of its very own?

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Source: Cat Crib