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By Camila Villafañe

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Guy Trolls His Family With The Worst Christmas Cards You’ll Ever See.

The holidays brings good cheer, lots of booze, plenty of family fights, and of course, greeting cards. We all look forward to finding one in our mailbox every year. But it's sure not easy for the person that has to pick them out and write something special, or in some cases, lackluster inside the card. So in 2008, one guy by the name of John Cessna decided to do something a little different. He wanted to troll his family with some of the worst possible greeting cards you'd hope to never get. The results each year have left his family floored with sheer laughter.

Ah, now this is the kind of son everyone can be proud of... at least that's what we assume his mom probably thinks everytime she sees a Christmas card like this one.

Sorry, mom! John can't come to the phone right now. He's all tied up and has balls in his mouth. Later!

So this is how John celebrates his holidays.

He wanted his family to know that even if he couldn't make it to the house on Christmas, he still toasted to everyone he knows and sent lots of love before passing out from too much booze.

If they ever do a "Fight Club" sequel with a Christmas theme, this might be what it would look like.

No wonder John didn't show up for the holidays. He was too busy getting his lights knocked out.

We totally feel John with this frightening looking Christmas card.

2016 sucked. Too many good people died, aka Carrie Fisher and George Michael. It's enough to make anyone want to drown out their pain with chicken wings and everything else you see here.

No really! 2016 was a huge mother freaking disaster!

And clearly so was John! Poor guy! This is what happens when you live alone.

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