By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Two Funny Cats HAVE To Watch Their Humans Eat… And It’ll Crack You Up.

It's not unusual for a cat to take a particular interest in people-food: After all, our comestibles certainly look much more appetizing than theirs. However, these two cats take a particularly keen interest in what their humans are eating. In fact, they join them at every meal.

These two cats from Japan love to watch their humans eat, inspecting every inch of the food they're about to consume. They don't get to enjoy any of it (it's not good for their feline bellies, after all), but they do get to gaze upon these mega-delicious dishes as much as they like. And thanks to their owners' photos, we get to watch them while they do it.

Perhaps they think the ramen is some kind of string toy -- or that it looks mega delicious.

Contemplating what they can do to steal this entire plate.

We'll admit it: Good ramen puts us in this kind of trance, too.

It's the most important meal of the day, and they know it.

No matter what they're serving, the cats are enthralled by it.

Sometimes they simply can't contain their excitement.

And other times, it's hard to tell if they are unimpressed or plotting their grab-and-go plan.

Either way, you now have a new life goal: Find someone who looks at you the same way these cats look at food.

Source: Love Meow