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Bride Asks Groom's Ex To Stand Up Right Before The Vows.

There's nothing more beautiful than going to a wedding to watch someone you care about exchange vows to share the rest of their life with another person. In November 2017, when a couple in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania were getting married, the bride shocked the crowd when she turned to the audience to make a demand before she would say "I do."

Katie Hild and Jeremy Musser met four years before they made the decision to get married to one another. But they had a bit of a rocky start when Jeremy told Katie something that would change the course of their entire relationship.

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It was as if life made a complete 360-flip for Katie. Jeremy explained that he had a son, whose name was Landon. Katie was only 20 years old at the time, so she was a bit taken aback by the shocking news, but she chose to be calm about it. That was when Katie asked Jeremy how old his son was.

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And she most certainly wasn't prepared to hear that his son was only three weeks old! Katie had no clue how to handle that kind of information. How had they been dating for six whole weeks and this was the first time that he mentioned the baby?


Just like any other family with a new baby, the stress was a bit overwhelming. Jeremy was frustrated with his relationship with his son, Landon, and the mother, Casey Jo Booker. And when Katie met Jeremy's ex-girlfriend, it was surprising that they didn't get along at all.

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But Katie understood from the beginning that if she wanted to be in Jeremy and Landon's lives, then she and Casey would have to be in each other's lives all of the time, as well. They had to figure out how to make it work, so she decided to reach out to Casey.

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