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Bride Asks Groom's Ex To Stand Up Right Before The Vows.

By no means did they have it easy at first, but they decided that it would be best to start going out on "mommy dates." So Katie asked Casey if she would be willing to meet up for some coffee. When Katie was waiting for Casey to show up she was a bit nervous, but she knew that it needed to be done.

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As time passed on, they continued to work on their relationship, and life continued on, as well. Eventually, Casey met Tyler, who is now her husband. Tyler also had a difficult time getting used to this strange family dynamic.

When Jeremy and Katie decided to get married, Jeremy knew that he needed to speak to Tyler. He sent Jeremy a message thanking him for being good to Landon, and then he invited Tyler out for a drink. But they never did go out for one.

Katie H. Muss

The day of their wedding finally arrived and Jeremy and Katie couldn't wait to exchange their vows with one another. Their friends and family were all around them, and Katie's mom was the officiant of the wedding.

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Just like any other wedding, the time to exchange their vows quickly approached. In a strange turn of events, when it was Katie's turn she didn't look at Jeremy. In fact, she turned to the crowd and asked Casey to stand up. Everyone was confused. After all, the two women weren't enemies anymore.

Katie H. Muss / Facebook

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