By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Fan With Down Syndrome Approached Steven Tyler. His Reaction… I’m In Tears!

Steven Tyler is the ultimate hip rocker but his cool factor just went through the roof. Diane Yordifo and her son Anthony were in a medical supply store in Niagara Falls, Ontario, when the 23-year-old recognized his idol.

Anthony, who has Down Syndrome, got to chat with Tyler and take photos. When the rocker asked his fans if they were going to his show, they admitted they were unable to get tickets to the sold-out show. Tyler told them not to worry about it and got them backstage passes in the concert. At the concert Anthony had no idea what the rock star had prepared for him.

Anthony gets a warm hug from Steven Tyler.

Tyler gave Anthony special guests tickets backstage.

Hanging out with the rock star was not enough, Tyler asked Anthony to join him on stage.

Watch Anthony play the maracas to "Sweet Emotion."

Sources: 283PACtv, CBS Boston