By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

It Was Just An Ordinary Taxi Ride… Until He Listened To The Driver’s Story.

When Roland Gainer got in to his Uber ride, little did he know he would end up trying to help a new friend. Driver, Ken Wayne Broskey is a 70-year-old dying of cancer. He is in stage 4 and has been given two to 10 weeks to live. Broskey has been advised by his doctors to move into a hospice. Instead, he continues to work to make as much money as he can to pay for his house where his daughter and two grandchildren live with him.

Gainer’s own mother battled cancer while he was in high school. For his new friend, Gainer wanted to do more for the man so he could die in peace.

If you would like to help Broskey and his family, please visit

Source: KeepItJay