By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

It Looks Like A UFO, But It’s Actually The ULTIMATE Off-Grid Home.

Yachts are about to share the oceans with extraterrestrial-looking boats. Jet Capsule is an Italian yacht maker behind the newest design, the Unidentified Floating Object or UFO. The floating home is meant to work off the grid, relying on solar panels to generate energy to travel at 3.5 knots speed around the world.

The plan is that the UFO will be a green as possible, collecting and filtering rain and salt water into drinking water. The floating sphere is in its early stages of development, Jet Capsule hopes to find investors to build the first prototype. The company estimates the floating pod will cost approximately $800,000 to make. Once available for the market, it is expected to retail around $200,000.

Solar panel and wind turbines will produce power for the UFO.

The sphere is divided into two floors.

Elastic anchors will stabilize the floating boat even in rough waters.

The UFO can be aligned with a compass, allowing to stay on course easier.

The vessel is expected to be approximately 20 feet in height.

The interior and exterior can be customized.

Each vessel is going to measure 40 feet in diameter.

Looking at the vast ocean while preparing a meal.

The living room is close to the small vegetable garden outside.

The floating pod homes is an alternative option to the cost of expensive housing on-land.

Showering while surrounded with marine life.

A top view and breakdown of the UFO's floor layout.

Source: gizmag