By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Surviving A Deadly Plane Crash Taught Him A Lesson We All Need To Hear.

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld is a legend in the world of formation skydiving. Before reaching all of his goals and dreams though, he had to overcome tragedy and physical injury. On April 22, 1992 the plane he was in crashed during takeoff in Perris Valley, California.

Brodsky-Chenfeld was in a coma for six-weeks: he had a broken neck, a collapsed lung, crushed skull, and other internal injuries. When he woke up, he learned 16 fellow skydivers and friends were killed. Additionally, his doctor told him he would never skydive again.

Determined to not just heal but get back into the sport he loved, he began the long road to recovery. Within two years of the accident, he lead a four and six-person skydiving team to win several world championships. Today, he is one of the most sought-after coaches and a leader in his field. This video is not just about skydiving but the iron will to overcome adversity.

Source: LiveUnbound