This Homeless Single Mom Was Tricked By A Cancer Patient… And I’m In Tears.

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In the midst of all the tragic events that have struck us this year, we have a heartwarming story of love and generosity. Brice Royer is a Vancouver-based cancer patient with international experience under his belt. Royer is also known for one of the world's most read Craigslist ad posted in March 2015: "Unconditional Love For $0." The young man, who had been struggling with depression, was inspired to spread love and care after a doctor told him it was the best medicine in the world.

Francesca Murray, a homeless, single mother, was inspired by the ad and responded to Royer on Facebook. She soon began helping out by cooking meals for him despite the fact that she and daugher, Charlotte, 4, were living at a shelter. Royer later learned that Murray had also been sharing whatever groceries she could afford with other women, and decided to surprise her by reaching out to the community to provide her with a supply of food.

In addition, he took note of the limited time Murray and daughter, Charlotte, 4, had left at the shelter, and decided to launch a larger fundraising campaign so that the two could have a solar-powered tiny house of their own. A later update revealed that Royer's efforts were a success.

Jenelle Schneider / Vancouver Sun

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