By Nick

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He Was Given A Injection To Be Put To Sleep, But What Happened Next Gave Me Goosebumps.

This poor sweet pooch had a series of unfortunate events. One day he was hit by a car and his paw injured badly, bloody, and in pain, he was immediately dropped at the animal shelter by his owners. They gave him up and said they simply couldn’t care for him.

No one wanted the poor dog. Sadly, he was scheduled to be put to sleep.

AP Photo/Jay Reeves

The animal control officer, Wanda Snell, was there for the dog’s last minutes when he was given a lethal injection. In an uncommon way, she noticed he moved a little. It was as though the dog knew what was happening and was fighting the injection. But by the time the staff left work, the dog was quiet and still.

AP Photo/Jay Reeves

The next day Wanda arrived to work, and what she saw left her in complete shock. There the dog was, standing, alive, and drinking water, as if nothing had happened! They decided to name him Lazarus, alluding to the biblical story of the man Lazarus who Jesus raised from the dead

Lazarus’s miraculous story was posted on Facebook and a caring family 160 miles away decided to adopt him! Lazarus now has a loving family and a friend named Tucker he likes to play tug-of-war with.

It's beautiful that Lazarus has another chance of life! Share his miracle story with your friends and family.

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