By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

When He Knocked Down A Wall In His Home He Wasn’t Expecting To Find An 18-Story Secret.

In 1963, a man living in the Nevsehir Province of Turkey decided to knock down a wall in his house to do a little renovation. When he knocked down the wall, he found a secret room.

When he dug further, he discovered a series of tunnels.

These tunnels lead to the discovery of the underground city of Derinkuyu, built thousands of years ago. This underground city is not the oldest or the largest discovered, but it is the deepest, spanning 18 stories.

It is believed the city was built as a refuge for war or natural disaster.

Many rooms were discovered. Rooms that were used for shops, living quarters, arsenals, tombs and even a school. There was also an area for livestock.

The water system was not connected to surface water to prevent poisoning from above.

The underground city also contained escape tunnels, so the residents could get out undetected if their underground city was penetrated.

What an incredible archaeological find. The inhabitants of Derinkuyu must have been some of the earliest known preppers. How did Geraldo Rivera miss this find?