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10 Underwear Mistakes You’re Probably Making… Everyone Should Know About #6.

We might not be putting a lot of thought in the type of underwear we put on every morning. After all, we tend to worry more about how well we look on our regular clothes that we don’t even realize if we are uncomfortable in our undergarments. It doesn’t matter how nice a blouse, dress shirt or dress looks if we are constantly tugging or adjusting our undies.

Wearing the wrong size or certain types of knickers can also impact your health. You may want to check your underwear drawer to check the kind of fabrics they are made of. It is true, some underwear are just going to be better than others.

Women who love wearing #6 will need to invest in new knickers immediately.

#1. Believe it or not, it's actually good to go commando to bed.

Opting to sleep without your underwear will allow your nether regions to breathe. When you go to bed wearing underwear, pj pants, and a blanket you are making your body warm. Bacteria grows in this type of environment.

#2. The washer and dryer are not the best thing for your undies.

The fabric underwear is made from tends to be softer and more delicate. Putting them in the wash can cause them to lose shape, elasticity, and even rip and tear. It's better to hand wash those items and hang them to dry afterwards.

#3. Opt to go for cotton fabrics.

Cotton underwear helps to keep you cool and fresh. Synthetic materials tend to trap moisture and heat. Not to mention they can irritate your skin. Wear the lacy, nylon styles when you know you'll be taking them off quickly.

#4. Make sure you are wearing the right size knickers.

Don't buy underwear that is too small and fits too tight. Not only will the undies be extremely uncomfortable, you'll spend the whole day pulling and adjusting them, but they can also affect your circulation. This can lead to yeast infection and or an UTI.

Make sure you are wearing the right size knickers.


#5. Say no to thongs!

You may think thongs are sexy but they are not the most hygienic clothing item. They can cause friction and cause bacteria to spread into the uterus and cause a pelvic inflammatory disease. Bacteria can also move into the bladder, producing a bladder infection.

Say no to thongs!


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