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By Camila Villafañe

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30 Times Pets Brought Their Humans The Most Unexpected Gifts.

Unless you own a parrot, your pets can't talk, so they have no way of verbally expressing their gratitude, or how much they really love you. But you certainly don't need a voice to express gratitude, which is why these pets found the most unusual and in some cases, thoughtful gifts to give to their owners. Alright, so maybe some of the gifts will make you wish you could ask for a gift receipt, but these animals certainly meant well by presenting these unusual presents. So here are some of the funniest and cringeworthy gifts that proved these pets adored their human companions.

#1. How about a flower for a beautiful flower? Now that's how you romance your owner.

We'd love to receive a flower from an adorable pooch like this one, and look! He seems so pleased with the gift in his mouth. It's like he knows that this will score him some brownie points.

#2. Some dogs are a real riot, so their idea of a present involves something toothy.

This dog found some dentures that belonged to a previous owner of the house and decided to show them off to her master, but not before modeling them. Looks rather good on her, don't you think?

Some dogs are a real riot, so their idea of a present involves something toothy.

Lucas Alves Magalhães

#3. What's the point of having a garden if you can't pick out those beautiful flowers?

This kitty certainly thought so, so he went on a flower hunting adventure to find the best flower for his owner. But why stop with one when you can bring your owner a whole bunch of flowers. How romantic!

#4. Some gifts can be downright dirty, but it's not like he could have gone to Neiman Marcus.

We wish we had a dog this cute who would be willing to pick some of the lawn with its jaws and present it to us. And those eyes... who could refuse a mouthful of weeds?

#5. If there was ever a food crisis, you'd certainly want this dog on your side.

But she might need to see an optometrist, because potato and a ball are worlds apart. Maybe she just wanted her owner to make her some French fries for lunch.

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