By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

One Of These ‘Ducks’ Doesn’t Belong… But Momma Duck Ain’t Judging.

Rex of Mandurah, Western Australia, was doing a routine check on his pet duck when he discovered something strange. The duck was cooped up in a nest she had lined for her eggs, but there was also a bandicoot, or a baby marsupial, in the mix!

“I went to check on the eggs and a little bandicoot had made its way underneath,” he told Mandurah Mail.

The eggs hatched soon after that, but the bandicoot didn't budge. Fortunately, the mother didn't seem to be bothered by its presence.

“I wasn’t that surprised," Rex continued. "I’ve seen a lot of strange things in nature over my time."

In addition to seeing bandicoots on a regular basis, he's also seen a kangaroo fornicate with an emu and an eagle swoop down to "pick up a snake then drop it and then fly back down to get it."

The bandicoot left the nest for some time, but returned later that day. There are so many predators roaming around, magpies for example, that Rex believed it was safer with its new feathered companions.

A man in Mandurah, Western Australia, found a surprise guest among a clutch of newly hatched chicks.

Exactly how the bandicoot ended up with the ducks remains a mystery, but it's already been about a week! Now, that's what I call Crash Bandicoot!

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