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16-Year-Old Dies In Car Accident. A Year After His Death, Mother Gets A Letter In The Mail.

It's a parent's worst nightmare to lose a child. No mother or father should ever have to bury their own child. But sadly, life isn't always fair and some events don't go in the order that we expect them to go. Just ask Anna Hutt, who knows what losing a child is like. A tragic accident on a dirt bike took her 16-year-old son away, and it left her devastated. When tragedy strikes, parents are often left thinking about the last thing they said to their child and what their child said to them before they passed away. But for Hutt, death couldn't separate her from her son when she received a letter from him a year after his death.

Like most mothers, Anna Hutt had nothing but positive things to say about her son Payton.

Hutt, who lives in Clarinda, Iowa, claims that Payton was a prankster, but that he was very intelligent, loved computers, and had a thing for welding as well as working on vehicles, and that included his dirt bike.

Ironically, only weeks before the terrible accident that would end his life, Payton got his learner's permit.

When he filled out the application for his permit, he checked the box that said he would want his organs donated in the event of his death. Naturally, his mom didn't agree with that decision and they had a discussion over it.

Anna Hutt didn't realize that her son's decision to become an organ donor would pay off.

As she was struggling to come to terms with the loss of her son after the accident, this man, called Gary, was dealing with the fact that he would probably by dying too. In 2007, he was told he had nonischemic cardiomyopathy.

Anna Hutt didn't realize that her son's decision to become an organ donor would pay off.

Nebraska Medicine

By May 2014, Gary's heart was only working at four percent efficiency and he needed a new heart.

Six days after going on the waiting list for a heart transplant, Gary's nurse walked into his room to tell him that they found him a heart. But he didn't know that it belonged to Payton Montana Casteel of Coin, Iowa, or that his donor was only 16.

Payton had been on his dirt bike when a van struck him, and critically injured him in the process.

The teen didn't have his helmet on, which only made his condition worse. Although he was rushed to the hospital, he passed away. His mom had argued with him weeks before that one should leave with the organs they came with, but Payton had told her that it was his body and his choice.

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