By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

33 Photos That Will Make You Look Twice… #14 Restored My Faith In Life.

Sometimes, even the most mundane of photos deserves a second glance -- this list has 33 of them.

Below are photos that look relatively normal on first viewing, but if you look more carefully you'll see something unexpected. Whether it's a secret picture hidden in a wall or a strangely non-fortunate fortune cookie, these photos all contain something surprising. It makes you wonder just how many unexpected and strange things you're missing in your day-to-day life, and might even inspire you to look around more carefully next time. #25 is the most pointless thing we've ever seen.

#1. A wall with a subtle pterodactyl.

#2. The bird poop that looks like a Native American chief.

#3. The awesome, beaded rain on a newly waxed car.

The awesome, beaded rain on a newly waxed car.


#4. A big spoonful of topless yogurt.

#5. The date on this guy's watch spells out the name of your favorite video game character.

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