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26 Famous Actors You Never Knew Were In These Popular Classics.

Since the invention of the television in 1927, people have been treating their boredom with hysterical comedies, heart-wrenching dramas, and spine-tingling thrillers. Actors have the ability to pluck people from their common lives and place them into unknown lands of mystery, romance, and excitement. Thanks to this ability, people tend to pick out their favorite actors and actresses to watch. While you may remember when you saw your favorite actor perform for the first time, you most likely don't remember, or even know, where they got their start. Keep reading to discover where some of your favorite unforgettable actors found their permanent place in Hollywood.

#1. Ryan Gosling

Before Ryan Gosling was standing up for love in The Notebook, he was standing up for something a bit more important. In the movie Remember the Titans, Gosling played Alan Bosley, a young football player who understood the importance of equality. When his football team experienced de-segregation, Bosley faced adversity as he welcomed the new members of the team with open arms, even though most of the other players did not.

Ryan Gosling

Remember the Titans

#2. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman was just 13 years old when she made her film debut as Mathilda in Leon the Professional with Jean Reno in 1994. In 1995, Portman joined the field with big players, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, in the movie Heat. Her role, which was the daughter of Al Pacino's girlfriend, was quite small, but it opened up major doors for her in the future.

 Natalie Portman

Leon the Professional

#3. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp will always be known as that teenage heartthrob from the movie, Cry Baby. What most people don't realize is that Depp's career started 6 years before his leather jacket and teardrop days. In 1984, Depp had his first acting role in the slasher film A Nightmare on Elm Street. Two years later, Depp played a small role in the timeless classic Platoon, as a soldier in the military.

Johnny Depp

A Nightmare on Elm Street

#4. Vin Diesel

Most people think that Vin Diesel got his start with the role in played in the Fast and the Furious franchise, but all of those people are wrong. Vin Diesel actually got his start in 1998 with the heartbreaking film, Saving Private Ryan. In Stephen Spielberg's life-changing film about World War II, Diesel plays the role of Private First Class Adrian Caparzo, who was sent on the journey to find Private Ryan.

Vin Diesel

Saving Private Ryan

#5. Zoe Saldana

Before Zoe Saldana became a part of the incredible movie Avatar, she played a sidekick to a well-known pop star. In 2002, Saldana played the role of one of Britney Spears' best friends in the coming-of-age movie, Crossroads. The movie was supposed to launch Britney Spears into the world of acting, but it proved to be much more helpful to Saldana's career, instead.

Zoe Saldana


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