By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Proposed With A Custom Monopoly Board. Where He Hid The Ring… GENIUS.

Warning, gentlemen: If you're planning a proposal, you might want to make sure your lady doesn't see this story. While your proposal plans are probably lovely, this guy's just might put everyone's to shame.

His name is Justin Lebon, and he proposed to his girlfriend in the most elaborate and adorable way possible. The pair grew up together, but then reconnected as adults and began dating. Lebon knew he wanted Michal to be his wife, but he also knew his proposal had to be out-of-this-world special. How he did it will totally blow your mind.

According to Lebon, the pair loved playing Monopoly together.

So, he had a custom board made for her, wrapped it, and insisted she open it.

When she saw what was inside, she thought they might just be playing a personalized version of the game.

The board had all their favorite places, including the street they first lived on.

It also included a series of California lakes that they loved to visit.

These are a few of the romantic getaways they had in the past.

And it even included locations from their tropical vacation spot, Maui.

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