By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Everyday Objects Were Blended With Drawings To Create An Unusual Effect.

The latest artist taking Instagram by storm is a young man by the name of Edgar Artis, and his fashion illustrations are unlike any you've probably seen before.

Artis uses everyday objects to complete his drawings, mixed medium masterpieces that leap off the paper and make a serious impact. He's also known for mastering the art of the cutout: Instead of drawing in the gown, he cuts it out and photographs it against a natural backdrop. The results are pretty stunning, and these 3D pieces created with everyday objects are pretty perfect, too.

These piece were completed with the addition of some shiny fabric, beads, or a bit of tulle.

Here, he somehow manages to manipulate burnt paper to create the perfect gown.

He also sometimes harnesses the power of natural materials.

And finally, our favorites: Because who wouldn't want a dress this amazingly metallic?

You can follow Artis' work on Instagram here.

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