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21 Funny Gifts To Get The Person Who Has Everything.

It's already November (I'm saying this as if you need another reminder), which means that Christmas is nearly here! It is the season of gift giving, or self-indulgence if you're not careful, and it takes some time to pick out those perfect gifts.

We can all agree that the best gifts are those that you can put to use. But then there are also the ones that aren't super useful but give us great joy anyway. We've got a few dozen gift ideas for you to choose from below.

On the practical side, we've got a coffee table that was designed to expand into a dining table in one second flat, a tool that squeezes those stubborn tubes of toothpaste, and a tool that is said to "revolutionize" nail painting. And on the more playful side, we've got Uni the Unicorn lamp and some Donnie Darko themed slippers.

Browse through our list and let us know which one's your favorite!

#1. There are smarter ways to strip your corn, and here's one of them.

Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper is easy to use and it blends in naturally. Now you can had fresh kernels of corn to any salad, soup, or dish you'd like.

#2. It's never too late to learn how to use chopsticks, and you can do it with the Chork.

We've all heard of a spork, which serves as a both a spoon and a fork, but have you heard of a Chork? It's both a fork and a pair of chopsticks! There are three settings: chopsticks, "cheaters" chopsticks, and fork.

#3. Nostalgic for some Donnie Darko? Step into these Frank slippers for a little bit of drama and a whole lot of cozy.

Our apologies. This product does not come with Jake Gyllenhaal but you have an imagination, don't you?

#4. Grab a cork speaker for the best sound while you wine.

This is the world's first micro Bluetooth speaker to enhance sound depth and quality by upcycling a used bottle. If you're worried about adding to your loved ones' clutter, this one is a safe bet.

#5. Every family should have a LEGO portrait.

How adorable is this? On Etsy, you can choose from over a dozen different models to make the perfect family portrait, even if your family is not so perfect.

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