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By Camila Villafañe

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Grams Bought Book For Six-Year-Old Grandchild But Didn't Realize It's Full Of Swear Words.

Grandmothers are awesome! They spoil us in ways our parents don't. They bake cookies for us, and we can share our deepest, darkest secrets with them. They can even guide us when we're going through a rough patch because they have a lifetime of wisdom to bestow on us. But when it comes to picking out gifts, let's just say they really need our parents beside them to double check before they buy anything. Just ask one six-year-old who got what she thought was the coolest gift ever from Grandma. But what she ended up with was a book full of things that made her parents blush.

You could never imagine Grandma picking something out of the library that was bad for your kid.

This mom learned that not every bookstore offers content that's on the parent-approved reading list. But boy was she shocked when her 6-year-old daughter opened the book grams got her.

On the outside, this book looks like it's made just for kids and absolutely harmless.

Unfortunately, the family learned that some books can be very deceiving on the outside. But most of us would have been fooled too with the cutesy illustrations that are a-typical of any kid's book.

When the 6-year-old opened "If Animals Could Talk" she was totally confused by the words.

Emmersyn's mom, Tiffany, who's 32, had a better understanding of what the content inside represented and she couldn't believe that a kid's book would have references to private parts, drugs, and lots of swear words.

Tiffany shared photos of the book's interior on social media to warn other parents.

She wasn't upset by any means. In fact, she actually thought the whole thing was really funny. But she felt it was important to let other parents know to take a look inside the book before buying anything for your kids.

Tiffany's husband was also taking the whole situation with a sense of humor.

In fact, according to Tiffany, he couldn't stop laughing, which suggests this book will probably stay on the top shelf for the adults to read until Emmersyn is old enough to read it.

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