By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Weirdest Homes Ever Built Are So Awesome You’ll Never Go Back To Suburbia Again.

#6. The Steel House

Located in Lubbock, Texas, this home took architect and sculptor Robert Bruno 23 years to build. It's meant to resemble a giant pig, and he used 110 tons of steel to create it.

#7. A Russian Wooden Skyscraper

Former gangster Nikolai Sutyagin built this home with the intention of it being only a two-story building. But then, he just kept building. “First I added three floors but then the house looked ungainly, like a mushroom,” he said. “So I added another and it still didn’t look right so I kept going." Sutyagin still lives in the bottom floor of the home with his wife.

#8. The Upside-Down House

This wild home is located in Szymbark (Poland). The house was created by Daniel Czapiewski as a commentary on the former communist era and present day.

#9. The Classic Hobbit House

This cozy hideaway was built by a man for his family in Wales. It only took about four months to build, and is basically the Tolkien respite of your dreams.

#10. The Heliodrome

The house was designed as a giant three-dimensional sundial. It's set on a fixed angle in relationship to the sun's movements, and it's located in the heart of eastern France.

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