By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

19 Weird Products That You Can Actually Buy, #3 Is Certainly A Conversation Starter.

Shopping for someone does not have to be a science. There are plenty of products that may be impractical to you but your friends and family will love them. If you know someone who loves technology or just finds quirky gadgets fascinating, this is the list for you.

There is no reason not to start shopping early as you have two months to beat the holiday rush. You may be tempted to pick a few things for yourself. I am hoping a family member sees #15 and decides to surprise me with it.

#1. A ball EggMap that you squeeze to zoom closer to the desired location.

#2. A pizza pouch so you can eat it on the run.

#3. The 'Slap It' lamp that jiggles when it gets smacked to be turned on or off.

#4. The smallest quadcopter with all the gadgets as its larger counterparts.

#5. Place the Robo Fish in the water bowl and watch it come to life.

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