By Sheyla

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25 Unintentionally Terrifying Statues, What Was #16 Even Thinking?

Statues are proudly displayed in cities and towns around the world. The structures serve to commemorate an event or person. Other times, they are simply their own work of art. It’s no wonder we often look for these sculptures to admire and photograph when travelling. It seems that in the world of statues anything goes.

From a pair of skeletons embracing in Thailand to a gigantic popsicle in Washington, whatever the mind imagines can be brought to life on a large scale. Many are straight-forward interpretations while others are left for us to figure them out on our own. Here are 25 unusual statues around the globe. I totally understand #4 from Venice, Italy.

#1. Seen in Sala Keoku, Thailand.

#2. A promotional statue in London, England.

#3. Gravity for the elephant in Paris, France.

#4. Coffee in Venice, Italy.

#5. A large birdman in Hanover, Germany.

A large birdman in Hanover, Germany.


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