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Disney’s ‘Up’ Balloon Was Created In Real-Life, And It’s Magical.

By now, almost everyone has seen Disney's beloved animated film Up, the story about a boy and an old man trying to find their way home again. Perhaps the most important part of the movie is when the Up house goes, well, up -- assisted by thousands of colorful balloons, that is.

Now, there's a real-life version of the Up balloon contraption, and it is absolutely mind-blowing. It debuted at the 2016 Canberra Balloon Spectacular, and it's known as Cameron TR-84. Naturally, the balloon became a social media sensation, and you can see some of the amazing images below.

Here's the Up balloon that inspired the Canberra version.

Disney / Pixar

And here's the real one, showing off at the Canberra Balloon Spectacular.

It looks even more impressive by night.

Early mornings #canberraballoonspectacular2016 #up @piknikpilot @ponysnakemoore

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The balloon is is 84,000 cubic feet in size, which is considered small compared to standard balloons -- but is still pretty impressive.

There are over 600 tiny balloons sewn into its outer skin.

The balloon creators and pilots hope to use the contraption to travel the world this year. For now, it's holding court over Canberra, sticking far out from the crowd.

Seriously, how awesome is this?

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Source: buzzfeed