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The 25 Funniest Entries On Urban Dictionary… LOL At ‘Ghost Cheeks.’

When the word you're looking up the definition for isn't in the dictionary, chances are it's in the Urban Dictionary.

Urban Dictionary is an online platform people go to when looking up the definition of a slang word or popular phrase. Each definition on the website is contributed by an online user, meaning anyone can make an entry for any word. Now you can imagine how handy such a dictionary can be in this generation, as so many different words and sayings are being created each day.

From "yolo" to "bye Felicia" to "bae" to "Netflix and chill" to "damn Daniel" - sometimes you just can't keep up!

So next time, instead of looking up a particular word online, just browse the Urban Dictionary. I guarantee you'll run into some interesting terms you have never heard of with the most ridiculous definitions. But before you go browsing, look at some of the UD entries we've gathered below to get an idea of just how weird (and hilarious) these definitions can get.

#1. Li-fi

When you see a free wi-fi connection, join the network but it makes you sign up to some bullshit or tries to charge you.

Hells yeah this place has free wifi.......
Nevermind, its just li-fi pretending to be free.


#2. Procaffenating

(n.) The tendency not to start anything until you've had a cup of coffee.

I am procaffenating with my project starts until I am shaking and twitching.

#3. Kanye Wested

verb: Taking attention away from someone; stealing another person's moment

Did you see him call the principal a ho? Man, he Kanye Wested her.

Kanye Wested


#4. DBI

Don't Bang It

Advising someone not to have sexual relations with a person or object
Person: That mouse-trap has been eyeing me up, I think it likes me...
Sane friend: Dbi


#5. Fake it for the gram

When you fake a picture to get likes on Instagram.

I saw a dope Ferrari so I took a picture and had to fake it for the gram.

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