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15 Creepy (True) Urban Legends… #6 Will Chill You To The Bone.

"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary." Did anyone else chant this while facing their bathroom mirror as a child to scare their younger siblings, only to end up scaring themselves?

If you aren't familiar, doing this will cause a spirit, a woman covered in blood, to appear in the mirror. The lights should be shut off, and some say that you should have a candle or flashlight in hand. She might attack you or she might leave you alone. My brothers and I believed that it depended on how good you were, but our friends said different things. That's the thing about urban legends. They evolve from teller to teller.

But why are urban legends, obscure stories chockfull of humor or horror, so popular? There is even a popular Urban Legends film series. There's a number of reasons. One is that it is simply entertaining. The tradition of sharing folk tales and urban legends is a long one. It allowed the opportunity for communities to perform and connect.

Today, we have the Internet so it looks a lot different. You might see some of these stories on Facebook feeds, but every once in a while, especially if you're going camping, you might hear someone telling one.

Below you'll find some popular urban legends and tales from recent history.

#1. The Chef's Wife

Familiar with stories of people cooking up dead bodies? Disgusting, right?

Chef David Viens of the Thyme Contemporary Café in Lomita, CA, reportedly killed his wife, Dawn, of 14 years, something he claimed to have been an accident. He later told police he stewed her body for four days in his restaurant.

According to Viens, he used clear masking tape to bound her hands, feet, and cover her mouth so that he could get some sleep. The two had been fighting. He later discovered that she was dead. He made this confession after jumping off an 80-foot cliff, which some say caused him to be in an unstable state of mind.

Those who worked alongside him at the restaurant say that this story was impossible as they would have noticed such a large pot in the kitchen. In the end, the judge sentenced him to 15 years to life after the jury found him guilty of second-degree murder.

Dawn's body has never been found.

The Chef's Wife

NBC News

#2. The Girl in The Audience

This photo was taken during a taping of a Japanese psychic TV show. The girl's head is at an impossible angle, but don't worry. This one is also edited.

The Girl in The Audience

#3. 27 Bodies

There's a common belief that the weirdest things tend to happen in the middle of nowhere. This story says that 27 dead bodies were discovered in rural Iowa in the late 1960s. Police could not find any motive or killer. We could not find any major news sources on this story so it is probably just legend.

27 Bodies

#4. The Cooper Family of Texas

The Cooper family, grandmother, mother, and two sons, posed for this photo only to find out later that someone else, a ghost, was in that room that day. Although the original photo cannot be sourced at this time, it is believed to have been digitally altered.

The Cooper Family of Texas

#5. The Buckley Children

This photo circulated the web along with the caption, "It was Halloween and the Buckley children wanted to make some decorations so they decapitated their mother."

The truth is, fortunately, much less interesting. This photo is an edited version of the original, which featured the children with their mother, well and alive.

Halloween artist Edward Allen was responsible for the transformation and did a fantastic job spooking people out. He calls his version 'Midwestern Matricide.'

The Buckley Children

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