Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

These Giant Crocheted Sea Urchins Are Bigger Than Anything Grandma Ever Made.

The Urchins installation was designed to shine in the sun during the day.

At night, it glowed under the dark sky. The different lighting effects were supposed to help create the illusion that the giant crochet sculptures were actual creatures that came out of the water.

You might be wondering how the lighting effects worked.

Well, at night the urchins were lit up by an artificial luminescence while in the day, they depended on natural light to create big shadows.

But they were more than just a delight to gaze at, visitors were able to interact with them too!

Whenever the sculptures were touched by either the wind or a visitor's hand, they moved organically.

Because these urchins were so big, they were not easy to produce.

It took a team of 50 individuals and an entire 3 months to hand-craft these delicate creatures.

The urchins are composed of white double-braided polyester chord that was woven into 20 segments.

After the chords were woven in, they were attached to a metal frame and lastly hoisted up.

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