Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

These Giant Crocheted Sea Urchins Are Bigger Than Anything Grandma Ever Made.

Unfortunately, the beautiful display was only up for 3 weeks during the festival.

After the festival is over, the urchins had to come down. Nonetheless, this installation has clearly left a permanent impression on the people who got to see it in person.

The designers' original concept for the art installation was to create a "visual filter."

They wanted to make a "lacy room" of sorts that would create a sense of wonder for visitors.

"Seeing hovering and glowing lacy objects against majestic skyscrapers and dark water would make them pause and gaze," said the designers.

"This momentary pause of the mundane routine of our life would hopefully give us an opportunity to find the poetry around us."

Although all 3 urchins were essentially the same, they were each unique in their own way.

Up-close the interactive art's patterns were intricately different.

The i Light Marina Bay Festival took place between March 3rd-26th earlier this year.

The festival was primarily geared towards promoting sustainability.

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