By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

21 Vacation Selfies Taken At The Perfect Moment, #6 Is The Best Photobomb Ever.

Everyone likes to take loads of good photographs on vacation, and with the new advances in camera technology, our vacation photos can be better than ever. From slick underwater cameras to GoPros to selfie sticks, there are a lot more ways to capture epic photographs of your greatest adventures. In other words, we've come a long way from the waterproof disposable cameras of the early 2000's.

Below are 21 amazing vacation photos taken at just the perfect moments. Some seem risky, some are hilarious, but all of them are totally awesome. #6 is going to blow your mind.

#1. This fish is such a ham.

#2. That's some crystal clear water.

#3. Keeping casual for his photo debut.

Keeping casual for his photo debut.

#4. Romance under the sea.

Romance under the sea.

#5. We knew the selfie stick could be used for good. This is how.

#6. Whoa.


#7. Just a man and his boat.

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