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10 Vagina Facts You Need To Know, Especially If You Don’t Have One.

Women are wonderful for all different kinds of reasons-- thet're smart, resourceful, sensitive, strong, and all of the above. Still, one of the biggest things they've got going for them? The vagina, an amazing biological feat that exists below the belt line.

Let's not pull any punches here: The vagina is weird, wonderfully complex sex organ that's just as nuanced as the people who have them. As common as they might seem, vaginas hold all kinds of secrets and tricks that you probably didn't learn about in health class.

Below, we explore a few things that make the vagina so special, and it's certainly not the typical stuff that you'd expect. From size expansion to diverse orgasms to wacky wonderful healing powers, there's simply no limit to what the vagina can do. Leave your boring, sex-ed-approved thoughts about the vagina at the door, and enter into a world of vaginal madness that will surely delight and mystify. #7 is actually kind of mind-blowing.

#1. It expands during sex.

It's called vaginal tenting, and it's when the inner two-thirds of your vagina increase in length and width when you're aroused. That explains why when you're, say, putting a tampon in, it can feel uncomfortable -- but during sex, you're ready to go.

It expands during sex.


#2. Not all vaginas are created equal.

They come in all shapes and sizes. For example, some clitorises are quite close to the vaginal opening, while others are further apart. Labia also tend to be quite diverse.

Not all vaginas are created equal.

#3. The vagina is the first to know when it's time to get pregnant.

Unsurprisingly, the vaginal is very receptive to ovulation. During that time of the month, the cervical mucus during ovulation is clear, rubbery, and stretchy.

The vagina is the first to know when it's time to get pregnant.

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#4. When it comes to vaginas, there is no normal.

As we mentioned before, they come in all different shapes and sizes. So, remember: There's no wrong or right way to have one.

When it comes to vaginas, there is no normal.

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#5. It's basically a pleasure palace.

The vagina is a complicated beast: You can actually have four different kinds of orgasms. What are they? Clitoral, vaginal, blended, and multiple -- and let's not forget about the good ol' G-spot.

It's basically a pleasure palace.


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