By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

WARNING: Two Hamsters Enjoying A Romantic Date Might Be More Cute Than You Can Handle.

How sweet it is to be reunited with Tiny Hamster, the most famous rodent on the Internet. With direction from Internet/YouTube comedy sensations Hello Denizon, Tiny Hamster has shared a lot of special moments with us: eating burritos, eating pizza, and eating a Thanksgiving turkey, to name a few.

We love to watch this little guy eat, but what we love even more is watching him woo his lady. This Valentine's day, Tiny Hamster partakes in a meticulously prepared romantic meal - but only after he enjoys a gondola ride with his beloved. On the menu this time: Spaghetti and meatballs (and even the bouquet).

It's true that you'll never get sick of Tiny Hamster, but after watching this video, you might get sick of your Valentine's date: Why can't they just be more like Tiny Hamster?

Source: HelloDenizen