Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

35 Honest Valentine’s Cards For People Who Get STRAIGHT To The Point.

Ever since we were in elementary school, we were taught to give others Valentine's Day cards. They were a little less special as we were instructed to hand them out to every classmate in the room but it was likely to be your first time handing out a Valentine's day card ever. Of course as we grew into our teen years, we learned to be selective with who we want to gift anything on Valentine's Day to. Fast forward a couple years later, and you're finally ready to give a very special Valentine's Day card to a very special someone.

Many people may think it's the gift that matters the most but sometimes all it takes is the right card. And we've got a collection of some of the best ones.

#1. So let's fix that.

#2. Forever and always, my otter half.

#3. Tell it like it is.

#4. Yeah, it has nothing to do with the breath mask.

#5. Talk about stating the obvious.

#6. All those luring awkward silences.

#7. Help, someone call life alert!

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